Troosby Android App

Control your finances directly from your smartphone


What is Troosby App?

An easy-to-use Android application for managing personal finances. Troosby Android App gives instant reports on the status of your accounts. You can immediately record on what you spent your money, analyze the trends and take the best decisions for maximizing your savings.

  • Record Incomes
  • Record Spendings
  • Track Monetary Accounts
  • Support Any Currency

  • Detail Reports
  • Spending Distribution
  • Financial Statistics
  • Category Filters


Access Troosby Account From Your Web Browser

Your Troosby account is also accessible from your favorite internet browser. You get the same functionality and detailed reports also on the web based version of Troosby. This means that you can analyze your personal financial reports directly on the big screen of your desktop.

  • Easy Date filtering
  • Category Filtering
  • Detailed Financial Information

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